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23 February 2008

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Esperando el verano
20 February 2008

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8 February 2008

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Arco Iris sobre Gotham
26 January 2008

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Madrid en el espejo
24 January 2008

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3 January 2008

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6 December 2007

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Esperando al viento
1 December 2007

Recent Comments

Ricard Pardo on Otoño persistente
Me alegra poner en tu conocimiento que desde ahora contamos con tu entusiasmo aquí: Un grupo de Facebook ...

Soco on Otoño persistente
Precioso minimalismo

Pedro Callealta on Otoño persistente
Bonita foto, muy minimalista. Buena composición.

katalog firm on Otoño persistente
nice image,great colours and details

Sonia Nansid on Here I am
Brillante idea!

Garfield on Light
Something special about this shot

Shahryar on La Broma
nice shot :)

J.R. on Huelo endibia?
Cho_Kawaii or very cute!

Becky on Huelo endibia?
: )! Cutie pie!

marci on Dachi & Ebichu
oh, how sweet!

Luis Ameller on Cabezona
Cabezona no sé; con esa expersión me parece más bien simpática. Un buen picado y un ...

The Wakeful Tree on Cabezona
cool expression

Stefan on To the sea
Beautiful image!

JOAN on To the sea
Buena perspectiva y bonitos colores.

MEC on To the sea
Nice capture :)

Krisu on Flow

roeb on Carlbezón
great angle and expression

Stefan on Waves

Garfield on Camino
Love the toning and the shallow horizon :)

Thea on Camino
Love the toning and the compo! Beautiful view!

Nina on Beach
Beautiful summer photo, I really like the colours and atmosphere!

Fusao on Hojas
nice view. confortable green. great work!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Nights
She was right there!! Love this warm toning!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Hojas
'Dark green' fire!!! Stunning DOF and cast shadows!

Daryl Johnson on Green
Good experiment in tone and colour.

Apostolia on Cuack!
He seems so cranky LOL. I love the red on his face, it's a good contrast against the green around him.

Larry Elkins on Fuegos artificiales
Nicely exposed fireworks shot.

barbod on Bollymadrid VI

barbod on Hand I

Ali on Bollymadrid VII
nice shot.

Shahryar on Bollymadrid VI
beautiful :)

Joy on Painting
Nice florescent paint...this image reminds me of the humanoids in Avatar!!

k@ on Shake your head
What's that ? Interesting !

Curly on Sebas bajo luz negra
Crikey, it's 1968 again!

pixator on Sebas bajo luz negra
Interesting shot!

grace on Bollymadrid V
Hello, (/, i saw your interesting profile,and write you immediately, i will like you to contact me ...

Curly on Bollymadrid IV
She looks joyous, ready to fly!

Ines on (-
Thanks!! it's a bookmark ;)

k@ on Bollymadrid III
Superb portrait & the composition with those blacks & those whites is real good.

Larry Elkins on Light
I love the mood. Larry Elkins

Curly on Bellydance
Excellent black and white.

Pedro Callealta on Maki
El juego de foco te ha quedado perfecto. Buen disparo.

Dixie on C
Again a very beautiful photo, I lik your portfolio,well done bart

Dixie on Light
a very beautiful photo, well done bart

MEC on Medusas

MEC on (-
I like this image!!!

Demo on Etnic I
Very sensual shot, really beautiful !

Krunal on Medusas

Helen on Medusas
This is stunning ... very beautiful.

Shahryar on Medusas
wonderful :)

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